utolsó frissítés: 2024-07-15


Due to our geographical location, we primarily deliver in the Transdanubian area and to Budapest.
We commonly deliver your orders within 2-3 days, in any case no later than within a  week.
In summer, we try to fulfill smaller orders as well, though with longer deadlines.

Our actual delivery route evidently follows the logistical sequence of that day’s transportation, which can be different from the consequtive time of the actual orders.

The shipping cost of the plant material we deliver is as follows:

  • 0 - 100 km      + 6%
  • 100 - 200 km  + 8%
  • 200 - 300 km +10%
which is the percentage of the net value of the plant material delivered, and it will be charged as a separate item.

If you need a transport which is farther than 300 km, you need to make an individual agreement concerning the feasibility and the actual price.

We are set to exclusively use Danish CC cars/trolleys for transportation.

Transporting the plants easier and faster and for preserving the quality of the plants, we deliver the 9x9, d10.5 and D14 potted plants in rigid-walled plastic trays (not perforated, watertight).

Deposite fee of the trays:
  •  P9 / 24:      1,50 €
  •  P9 / 12:      0,75 €
  •  D10.5 / 15: 1,50 €
  •  D14 / 6:      0,75 €
It is advisable to purchase these trays on the first delivery and then only prepare and replace the corresponding kind and number of trays. If this is not possible, the plants must be unloaded individually, which requires significantly more time and labor.

We use these rigid-walled plastic trays in our plant production  at  our nursery as well. Once you buy them, you can utilize them in the garden center for presenting and selling the plants as well. They have a lot of advantages:
  • It is easier to move and pack the plants quickly and efficiently.
  • Plants can be arranged attractively - either on tables or on the ground.
  • Prevents pots from tipping over, helps to irrigate effectively.
  • Inventory can be tracked faster.
In the afternoon before delivery, we call the contact person indicated on the order sheet and discuss the actual details.
Please prepare the adequate exchange trays for fast delivery.

Thank you for your cooperation!