utolsó frissítés: 2024-07-19


Our primary focus during production is to produce high quality plants for our customers.
Even good quality plants’selling can make use of some practical accessories .

It can be very useful because with the information on the label it usually answers the most frequented questions concerning the very plant in the pot – thus it saves a lot of time for knowledgable workers.
If the plant is not in bloom, it also provides information about the color and shape of the flower with a spectacular photo.
When the customer makes his purchase, he can take home the basic information about his plant.
Our selection of colored plant labels consists of several companies' offers.  For our latest small-volume varieties we can offer self-printed labels.
The minimum quantity of labels for order is 4 pieces / variety
Price: 0,14 €


For pot sizes D14 and K2L, it is possible to choose  colored pots, that are  rapidly spreading "fashion trend" in the ornamental plant market. The foliage of different varieties or the flower color of the plant that harmonizes with the color of the pot highlights the beauty of the plant. The intensive colour of the pot attracts the buyer's attention which all in all results in higher purchase rate.
The product will look more spectacular even on a CC trolley if there is no time to unload and present the plants otherwise.
In an urban setting, if the plant is not planted in a garden, the colour pots give a bright and spectacular spot on the balcony.
When ordering  colored pots, you can select a specific color yourself or you can have us choose the color of the pot for you.
Price: 0,05 € / piece, in size D14   - 0,08 € / piece in size K2L

If you have a inventory where a barcode system keeps the records for monitoring your stock, we can provide you with stickers with barcode printing on it. (You will need to provide us with the necessary barcode printing information).
It is possible to place almost any information on the sticker. If barcode is not needed, it is possible to edit,  paste and print the botanical and common name of the plant, have the company logo, retail price and other inscriptions or images on the sticker.
A tailored sticker can be requested before the purchase is completed.
The sticker is 40 x 40 mm polyethylene, weatherproof, white.
The fee for bar coding / sticker is 0,05 € / piece


Our goal is to make sales easier and faster for you, not only by providing you with the highest quality plants but also by providing an attractive presentation of the plant to facilitate sales.
In this way, you receive a product from our nursery ready for sale immediately, as soon as you roll it off our trucks.