utolsó frissítés: 2024-07-15

Help for designers

In this new menu item, we want to provide help in planning well-functioning perennial beds. By providing more information about the plants, we support the thoughtful planning of conscious, ecologically well-designed gardens, plantings, and perennial beds where plants are healthy and function well together in the long run.
As perennials enjoy wide popularity both west and east of us, their usage gradually takes over annual flower beds in public areas. It is wise to replace high-cost annual beds, which you have to replant every year, with perennials because in the long run, it saves a lot of money in the maintenance costs, in addition, it provides a lot bigger variety and an extended seasonal decoration value.
However, without proper knowledge of perennial species and varieties, these efforts can easily fail.
This menu point is dedicated to filling this gap. We have invested a lot of energy in creating the database and it works well - though the information about the plants is constantly adding up as well...
We encourage you to take advantage of this new feature!

• Our plant CATALOG 2024 contains our full annual production plan (not only the currently available species and varieties).
  • This is a similar list to what other growers normally use as their printed annual price list, or catalog. For us, it is converted to a browsable online list in a pdf or excel format which allows you to download print or dit it after registration.
  • Working with living plants makes slight changes inevitable in production. With an online list, it is possible to follow the changes so modifications of the stock can be seen immediately.
•With the DETAILED SEARCH ENGINE you can filter the different properties and needs of the plant. Be careful, because too many filters at the same time will  "block" the system. Try to increase the number of filters gradually.
• Under the WINTER HARDY / ZONALITY and HABITATS menu items we explain in detail, with maps and pictures, the meaning of each expression that is used in the detailed description of the plants thus you can make the right choice.