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We have been growing and selling herbaceous perennials in our traditional perennial nursery for 32 years now. 
We do only wholesale, to retailers, landscape gardeners and municipalities/ local goverments.

We offer a wide range of flowering perennials (for flower beds and rock gardens), ornamental grasses; ground covers;ferns and other shady perennials; herbs and - to a lesser extent -  aquatic and marsh/wetland plants.

You can find information about our constantly growing wide range of varieties from the stock list - under the ACTUAL STOCK menu item.

Our stocklist is updated daily so we do not heave a catalog in printed format.
You can find the full range of our annual planned products  under the menu item HELP FOR DESIGNERS - CATALOG 2024.
After registrating yourself you can download the plantlist in Excel or in  PDF format.

• The ACTUAL STOCK can be browsed in 4 views. Three of them are provided with photos and the fourth list is ordered by botanical names.
• With a targeted search, the entire list can be narrowed down to six smaller groups, such as: flowering perennials; ornamental grasses; ground covers; ferns; herbs; aquatic and marsh/wetland plants.
• For each variety,we indicate the current state of the plant and the complete list can be filtered for the varieties with „buds” and / or „flowers” and / or „ornamental foliage”.
• On the opening page, you can see the best selling varieties by browsing our special offer.
• From our special offer you can also go to a separate Facebook album where you can view the most recent photos of our most beautiful varieties taken in our actual nursery site.
• You can order a color label for your ordered plants (minimum 4 pieces / variety); Or you can choose color pots directly for D14 and K2L sizes, the choice of color can also be your individual choice from our offer.
• The delivery units for each pot size have been specified by us, but this quantity can be modified and defined by you during your order.
• The contents of your shopping cart are displayed in an easy-to-understand and controllable interface and you are free to apply any changes in each categories before finalizing your order.
• Please note that the contents of the shopping cart can be kept for 24 hours, after that the contents of the shopping cart will be deleted. The contents of the cart will be automatically updated before finalizing so the items that were sold out during your order/waiting time will not be included in your finalized list.

1. The best way is to purchase via our web store:
  • This is subject to a one-time registration with your email address and a password. After checking that out you get our approval and we activate your access to our website. (In case you forget your password you have to generate a new one for privacy reasons.)
  • The list of our wholesale prices and offers can be viewed and downloaded in Excel and PDF format only after registration. The purpose of that is
    • to prevent retailers using our website as a simple web store;
    • to keep our wholesale prices for our partners as a trade secret
    • to provide valuable professional information and filtering opportunities to our garden designer partners
  • The data you give us at the registration is going to be used for staying in touch with you and manage your future orders  so please take your time and provide us with as much real data as possible about your contact details, needs and expectations.
2. If, for any reasons, you do not wish to use our web store, you can download our Excel and PDF price list from our website (only after registration) and you can send us your order by e-mail (info@zsohar.hu).
3. If you trust our expertise, we are more than happy to compile a nice selection of plants for you that matches your needs.
In this case, let us know about the most important parameters of your order by e-mail or call us. We need to know the maximum net value of the order; the desired size or price range; the indications concerning the genera of plants you prefer (or not to prefer at all). Let us know if you require  color labels or any other accessories; etc.
Both our regular and new customers are warmly welcome to a personal visit at our nursery!
Come and visit us!

4. If you wish to see personally our wide range and high quality plants, please visit us during our business hours and choose from our best offer. We will collect the desired quantity from the selected varieties and deliver it to your premises upon request.
Picking and collecting your order yourself (or with your colleagues), you get the following discounts:
                                     - 3% above € 200 net
                                     - 6% over € 400 net
                                     - and 10% discount on the net price over €600 net.

Our nursery primarily produces plants for garden centers, because  this market is easily predictable in the composition of plant sortiment, the accompanying services and with the seasonal timing. 30 years of experience in designing and producing to help us to plan for the year.
Satisfying the plantmaterials for the go along gardenbuilders who create smaller private gardens are still within the range, but unpredictable plant demand of larger municipal or corporate projects, public investments and tenders is unpredictable for  both their variety selection and the quantity of each variety.
As herbaceous perennials can be relatively quickly produced. Depending on the plant variety it takes - from getting the propagation material -  3-4-5 months to grow a plant ready to be planted out. For this reason we  encourage you to order the production of  larger amount of planting material in advance.
For a late summer - autumn planting, the propagating material must be ordered as early as winter. If one of the varieties is not available, a replacement variety can be agreed and ordered.
FOR PLANTING IN SPRING WE CAN ONLY OFFER PLANTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY IN STOCK.We only store the plants in winter,  there is no productin taking place in that season!

Only those plants are ready to be planted out in spring which reach the adequate size and condition for being planted out in autumn already.
That means that the plants for spring overwinter in pots.
We can make an offer for these projects only if we know the expected planting date.
In case of such a large  order for production, we make a contract and ask to  pay a minimum of 50% of the final amount agreed in there.
That provides both parties with “serious intent”.
Delivery is a matter of individual negotiation, it is possible to deliver the plants in several stages.
With smaller quantities it is possible to „book” a set number of plants from the actual stock, but in this case you have to pay STORAGE COST. Storage cost depends on the following factors:
• We can undertake FREE storage of the plant material for 2 weeks from the order;
• if delivery failed, we charge a storage fee of + 2% per week (for each week started), which is calculated from the net price of the item to be delivered. This sum covers the plants’ need for space and  labor for maintenance
• This rate of 2% is charged for the growing season from 15 March to 30 November;
• During the dormant period, in winter storage, this cost is + 3% per month (for each month started).

Prices are valid for domestic wholesale purchases and do NOT include 27% VAT (net prices are indicated). If you have international VAT number you can buy plants for net price.
We sell our plants exclusively to resellers in large numbers.
Retail purchases are only possible at the nursery’s site,
in a self-service way, during working hours, at increased prices.

We do not ship plants by post !!!