utolsó frissítés: 2024-07-15

About us

Our herbaceuos perennial nursery was founded in 1991 in the western part of Hungary, within the territory of the Őrség National Park.
It is located close to the Hungarian - Slovenian - Austrian triple border.
We grow herbaceous perennial ornamental plants on 4 hectares for resellers, garden designers and garden builders.
"QUALITY PRODUCT AND QUALITY SERVICE" - we strongly believe that this is the only way to keep up  a lasting and fruitful relationship with our customers and remain one of the most successful perennial growers in the country in the long run.
Our persuasion dictates that we work only with good quality ingredients. We buy our propagating materials  from selected producers and control all the incoming materials  year after year professionally.
The end result, our good quality plants, should be the best feedback of our modern cultivation technology and well chosen ingredients.
As a landscape architect, it is important for me that our selection of perennials continues to expand, not only with varieties that typically well sold as potted ornamental plants, but with such perennials that serve the professional gardener and the trained hobby gardener with best quality plant material.
Making the framework, the three-dimensional spatial structure with trees and shrubs, it is our perennials  - the spirit of the garden – that add the final touch, the magical colors, the unsubscribable scent of the leaves and flowers, the bee buzzing, the butterflies dancing that create a constantly changing living cosmos, THE GARDEN.

independent landscape designer, garden engineer