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What do we grow?

In our gardening we grow herbaceous, perpetual decorational plants, rock-garden, flower-bed and swamp perpetuals, decorational grasses and spices. A part of the perpetuals are evergreens, but most of them has special organs - such as onions, thick-, bulbous roots, "winter-proof" buds - so they can survive winter.
In general, those perpetuals that have flowers on them - except a few plants - bloom only in a short period of time, that is why we call them "season indicator" plants. Altough they have a variety of leaves so they are beutiful part of the garden from spring till fall. With careful selection, we can create a decorative, nice flower-bed almost for the entire year.
It's been said: "they are the intelligent, lazy people's plants". You have to know a few things about them, but they do not need too much care, so they can be pretty for years.

We grow our plants in special containers (rigid walled plastic ones) based on their size and growing parameters, therefore they can safely be planted in their final location in the entire year without any damage.

We grow most perpetuals in 9x9 cm pots with underplate, the mid size ones go to 11x11 cm and d14 cm pots, the big plants go to 2 litre or 3-5 litres pots. The spice plants take their place in 10,5 cm diameter brown, round pots with underplate.

Practical advice:

from 9x9

24 pieces

from 11x11

15 pieces

from d14

11 pieces

from 2 litres

7 pieces

from 10,5

15 pieces


can fit into a 60x40 cm box.

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